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Everyone try to be happy today ok?


FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.. and it features one of my favorite episodes.

In 2011, burningheat_2dx resolves to...
Stop drawing with meuniere.
Drink four glasses of sega every day.
Go to beatmania every Sunday.
Pay for my atlus on time.
Go to the pso hunters every month.
Spend more time with my gradius.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

mmm *hugs her Gradius*..

Because I have all my shopping done..

And there are people out there who still believe in the true meaning of the holiday season..



Officially made my last car payment.. YES! (After five years)


copy/paste from twitter:

I wore my Bit kigu out trick or treating.. Everyone thought I was a cow.. >:C

NOT A COW..  Bit is sad..

Writer's Block: Money ain’t a thing

If money were no object, what technology big or small would you buy tomorrow?

Mac computer with Photoshop CS5 and an IPhone4 and a Cintiq.. that is all.

Friends Only?

I'm thinking about making my journal friends only.. since I mostly post to friends anyway. And I'll be working on stories, storyboards and artwork.. maybe even.. *gasp* cosplay..  dun dun dun

But I need someone to make a "friends only" banner for me..

ehhh.. I could do it myself, but I love to see others interpretation of my characters..